The Sison-Gimelo Group is composed of three main areas with focus on providing highly professional services in these fields. We strive to be true to our goals of continuously innovating in these areas to ensure that we offer our clients high quality services at reasonable prices. Our strength lies in our ability to keep pace with the demands of our clients by constantly monitoring developments in technology and procedures.


To provide specialized solutions that will improve the delivery and impact of key services to today’s fast-changing market.



We are composed of trained and duly licensed professionals who are armed with years of experience in the provision of high quality services in their respective fields.


We strive to provide the most appropriate solutions in an environment where expertise, affordability and reliable services are of importance.


Our operations are in compliance with environmental laws that are aimed at promoting the use of environment-friendly materials and processes.


The services we provide are competitively priced and are at par with the industry’s best.