Case: This is a case of a very anxious 10 year old patient whose parents decided to have the permanent teeth extracted as they are already causing excruciating pain. Under sleep dentistry, extraction of decayed lower permanent molars and remaining decayed upper and lower baby molars was performed.  For this case, root canal treatment was out of the question since the child is very anxious of dental treatment. Restorations / filling and cleaning were also done during the same appointment.

Case: This is a case of a very anxious 7 year old patient who has been under our care for years. However, the child still has anxiety when it comes to needles and extractions. The parents decided to have the procedure done under sleep dentistry to prevent trauma, accidents and injuries which can be a complication from doing invasive procedures on kids who are uncooperative. Sleep dentistry enabled the successful extraction of decayed upper baby molars and lower retained baby molar root.

Case: The case involved extraction of decayed lower giant molars of a 4-year-old patient. The patient was complaining of toothache causing lack of sleep. Upon examination, it was found that there are a lot of badly decayed baby teeth. If these teeth hurt at the same time it will really cause sleepless nights not only for the child but also for the parents. The little patient is also very strong and playful that it was recommended that the procedure be done under sleep dentistry to minimize the risk of injuries or any mishap due to sudden movement. Good thing this case was done under sleep dentistry as the child had really big baby molars, comparable to adult teeth.

Case: Successful dental rehab under sleep dentistry where composite fillings for the front teeth, GIC restoration for the molar, stainless steel crowns for the first baby molars were done. The patient can now enjoy eating, playing and being a kid with no toothache.

Case: Prolonged bottle feeding will ultimately result in severe decay and pain for the child. Children are helpless when they experience dental pain and they find it difficult to manage how they feel since they have only lived a few years and is already experiencing toothache. For this case, extraction of decayed upper front teeth, upper and lower first molars were done under sleep dentistry.

Case: A 3-year-old patient travelled all the way from Baguio for dental surgery and restorations under sleep dentistry. The patient was initially advised to have the procedure done under general anesthesia but the parents wanted to have a less invasive procedure and went with sedation. Good thing the child is a good candidate for dental rehab under sedation. Another child, a 5-year old patient with fear of dental procedures, had her broken baby teeth removed and other baby teeth with cavities restored.