Sison-Gimelo Dental Center offers a diverse range of affordable, high quality and individualized dental services.


The oral health and hygiene should start at a young age. Children need special attention and extra care and our team of pediatric dentists are experienced in the techniques and procedures to ensure comprehensive and therapeutic health care for children.

We specialize in sleep dentistry, where the patient is relaxed or asleep during the dental procedures. Through this method, the patient don’t feel the pain and the dentist can perform multiple procedures (tooth extractions, filling, etc.) on the patient while he is fast asleep.


Our dentists are highly experienced in the diagnosis, prevention and correction of teeth and bite irregularities as well as in correcting the abnormal alignment of the jaws. They can recommend and prepare both short-term to long-term treatment plans that require tools such as braces to correct positioning of the teeth and jaws.


Our team of dentists can perform various oral surgical procedures. These procedures take into consideration the patient’s requirements and health conditions.


Cosmetic dentistry that requires professional oral care and procedures to improve the appearance of the teeth include lightening, reshaping, straightening, repairing or replacing teeth. Our team of dentists are capable of performing cosmetic treatments that include tooth-colored fillings, tooth bonding, teeth whitening, crowns, jackets, veneers, dentures and implants.


Our dental team is experienced in providing patients with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders with suitable treatment and therapy to restore and manage jaw functions to decrease pain.


We also offer specialized dental products and services for good oral health. These include xray, diagnostics and testing, dental supplies, etc.