Clear Aligners
Clear Aligners are invisible or clear teeth straightening trays made to fit the teeth. This option to metal braces is removable and does not have wire or metal. It is ideally suited for those who want the advantages and convenience of wearing braces that are not too visible. The aligners are designed to adjust the teeth similar to the method as braces, yet more gentle and less hassle for the wearer.

Case: Orthodontic treatment to improve the profile of the patient. The patient had a bimaxillary protrusion, which is very common among Asians.  This condition is characterized by protrusive and proclined upper and lower incisors and an increased procumbency of the lips.

Case: The patient’s mother was worried about her daughter’s smile. Upon consultation, it has been found that some of her permanent teeth are impacted. Treatment included oral surgery to expose the impacted permanent teeth and orthodontic treatment followed afterwards.

Case: The patient complained of her crooked lower front teeth. She needed orthodontic treatment in the least amount of time possible and decided to fast braces done. Sapphire braces were installed to correct the problem.